Union Busting

It's not always legal...

We respect the right of our employer to share their opinions of a unionized workforce, but not with misleading information!

In general, employers do not want Unions

There may be bullying, pressure – it may not be legal, but it still happens. You have the right to:

Anti-Union Literature

You may have seen some anti-union literature at your work location. Lets address some of those insinuations and statements...

We too encourage you to be educated decision makers.

We respect you, appreciate you, and look forward to every day we work together!

Some other examples

The company might engage in subtle or overt efforts to squash the organizers and this campaign

“If you have a Union Managers can’t talk to you”

False – There can be free and open conversation; but if discipline may be involved the employees now have rights to representation, a grievance process and potentially more. Plus, with a Union, YOU will select your local representatives – not outsiders!

“We will give you a raise if you don’t unionize”

Awesome! But why did it take us asserting our rights to get paid what we deserve? Plus, without a written contract…they can take it back or fail to go through with it.

“Having a Union will force you to be involved in violence”

LOL. No. Pretty simple

“The Union will control wages, promotions, seniority and duties”

Well, the company controls that within the parameters established by a CBA. And the membership of the local votes on the CBA.