Unions are strengthening and an overwhelming majority of Americans approve of Unions.

Gallup: More in U.S. See Unions Strengthening and Want It That Way (August 2023)

Workers across all professions and demographics are winning record contracts - UAW has a tentative agreement for 25% increases in their wages over the next four years, Kaiser recently won a 22% increase over four years. The time is now to stand up and demand our seat at the table and wages worthy of the excellent work we do!

Do you need an authorization card? Contact one of your peer organizers today! organizers@airmedicalorganizers.org

Have you seen anti-union literature at your worksite?

Let's clarify some of the insinuations.

First of all, We absolutely want you to read and understand what you are signing. If you have questions, please ask them before signing! No one is going to show up at your home uninvited, or text, call, email or write you at inapropriate times. We haven't yet, we do not plan on starting.

To help understand and present our position and interpretation, we have more information about union busting activities on this page.

Card Campaign is underway

We are excited that the card campaign is in progress and our team has been exceedingly positive! If we have missed you or you are just hearing about this, please reach out to us so that we can be sure everyone who wants to be included is included! If you are wondering what a card campaign is, let me give you the quick overview!

We are offering Zoom Meetings on a regular basis to help introduce and provide updates about the process. Please contact us if you would like one scheduled! The Zoom ID is ths same and the email address to contact is organizers@airmedicalorganizers.org.

All communication will remain confidential.

Please share your contact information so that we can keep you up to date!

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If you are worried about bullying, retaliation or adverse job actions - we completely understand. While it is against the law to attempt to coerce, intimidate or prevent an individual or group of employees from exercising their rights to self-organize, we know it does happen. You can read a summary of your rights under the NLRA & RLA here. If you would rather not ask in the open for a card you can email us. We will even send you a self addressed stamped envelope you can submit directly to the TWU! Your name and information will remain confidential and you can be assured we are here and doing this to improve our workplace for our fellow team members as well as the patients we have the privilege of caring for.


Once the card is signed it will go directly to the TWU. The only people who will know you signed the card will be the TWU Organizers, yourself and those you decide to tell! Signing a Union Authorization card is a confidential activity that is protected by law under the NLRA and the RLA.

Your employer and peers will not know who signed, only the total signatures collected.

Our Idea

As a small but rapidly growing group of Air Ambulance Professionals, our goal is to organize our fellow team members into a Labor Union that has the ability to represent and advocate on behalf of its members. This is just the starting point - organizing has many benefits that extend beyond wages, hours and benefits and we hope you will continue to read with an open mind and consider our goals as independent of other political or labor organizations. There's a reason we ask that you consider this different - organizing clinicians professionals working in Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) or Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) has never been done before outside of hospital nursing Unions! We have the opportunity to create our own path and in the process make history with our own mission and values. We hope you will join us!

Do you have Questions?

We've taken many of your questions and summarized them Here

If you have more - send them in!!! organizers@airmedicalorganizers.org

You can also learn more by visiting the Transport Workers Union (AFL-CIO) at http://www.twu.org/

Just Helicopter EMS?

Nope, not just helicopter air ambulance, but all air ambulances! This includes fixed wing, and multi-modal. We also wish to advocate in this process for not just employees of private companies but also public and other services. So please don't take offense if we refer to HAA or HEMS. We are not excluding anyone, just providing an overview from our point of view. As we expand our informal group, expect points of view from others in the industry with different experiences and backgrounds. Do you want to be the first to talk about your unique experience? Visit Contact Us for information on how!